frp solutions increase safety

National Grating FRP Solutions Increase Safety

June is National Safety Month – the annual observance to help keep each other safe from the workplace to anyplace.

National Grating prioritizes safety at our own facilities as well as with our customers’ projects. We believe our products and solutions can help to make your projects safer so that we can all go home to our families at the end of the day.

In 2021-22 the National Safety Council counted 450,540 injuries in the USA related to slips, trips and falls. This translates to an injury rate of 22.6 per 10,000 full-time workers. With slips, trips and falls being one of the biggest causes of workplace injury, we are dedicated to doing more to ensure workspaces are safe.

National Grating prides itself on offering products that can improve the safety of workplaces everywhere.  Below we go into more detail about how National Grating FRP Solutions increase safety.

National Grating FRP Solutions are Anti Slip

national grating anti slip coating
The gritted anti-slip coating on this sheet of Molded FRP Grating increases safety and reduces slipping risks on walkways.

Our anti slip Molded and Pultruded Grating products are designed to ensure walking surfaces are not slippery and hazardous.

FRP products such as non-slip treads, nosings, and grating, provide excellent traction. This minimizes the risk of slips, trips, and falls, especially in areas prone to wetness or spills.

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National Grating FRP Solutions use High Contrast Colors for Safety

national grating non slip frp stair treads increase safety
The high contrast yellow nosings on these FRP Stair Tread Covers increases visibility and the anti-slip top coating creates a safe walking surface.

Our FRP Stair Treads and Stair Tread Covers combine anti-slip coatings with high contrast yellow nosings for high visibility.

national grating frp beams are lightweight
FRP Products have a high strength to weight ratio. One person can easily carry a twenty foot FRP I Beam because it is so light.

National Grating FRP Solutions are Lightweight and Safe

Worker Safety:

The lightweight nature of FRP products reduces injuries associated with lifting and handling heavy materials during transportation, installation and maintenance.

national grating frp products are long lasting
FRP Products like this stair tread cover will outlast the corroded metal stair case structure.

National Grating FRP Solutions are Long Lasting


FRP won’t rust, corrode, or attract insects, ensuring a steady surface for workers over time.

National Grating FRP Solutions are Impact Resistant

FRP grating withstands impact, reducing the risk of dents or tripping hazards caused by dropped tools or heavy items.

National Grating FRP Solutions are Non-Conductive

Unlike metal systems, FRP grating doesn’t conduct electricity. This helps prevent electric shocks.  FRP is an excellent and safe choice for all applications involving the risk of electrocution.

National Grating FRP Solutions do not require welding

With FRP products there is no need for welding which reduces potential safety risks. Welding involves working with highly heated metal and sparks, making burns and fires a significant safety risk. FRP Products are simply fastened with nuts, bolts, washers, and clips. 

National Grating FRP Solutions reduce liability

Liability Reduction: By proactively minimizing accidents, businesses can lower their liability and associated costs.

National Grating FRP Solutions have Extreme Hot and Cold Resistance

Cold Resistance:

  • Non-Conductive: In harsh weather environments like extreme cold FRP Products won’t adhere to skin. Unlike steel, FRP doesn’t conduct heat, making it safe to touch even in arctic applications.
  • Mechanical Strength: FRP retains its strength at low temperatures, unlike some metals that become brittle.

Hot Resistance:

  • Thermal Stability: FRP maintains its structural integrity at high temperatures.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: Unlike metals, FRP has minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes.
  • Fire Resistance: FRP doesn’t burn easily and has low heat conductivity.

National Grating Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Solutions:

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