Steel rusts, corrodes, and warps.
FRP never does.


Steel Grating is an 18th Century Technology

Ugly and Dangerous – Steel is Yesterday’s Solution and a Common Cause of Injury

The most common causes of workplace injuries are slips, falls, and back strain. Heavy steel grates are often slick when wet, and when exposed to elements or chemicals steel can warp and crack, making an uneven surface that contributes to trips and falls. The larger the steel grate structure, the heavier it is to move, and back strain injury is a frequent outcome, leading to expensive workplace injury claims that cost billions of dollars in the US each year.

The Appearance of Neglect

Rusty, heavy steel grating looks terrible and is difficult to clean, remove for servicing and steel never holds paint as you would like. Rusted metal is the universal sign of a neglected public space or workplace environment.

The Smart Alternative to Steel Grating

It’s time to consider an alternative to steel grating that provide easier handling and installation, better color-fastness, longer surface life and comparable strength and total cost of ownership.

It’s time to talk about FRP.

non-corroding Fiberglass Grating is THE alternative to steel grating

Nine Reasons Why FRP Grating
is the Alternative to Steel Grating

Harsh workplace chemicals can’t harm Fiberglass Grating.


FRP Grating will never oxidize, corrode or rust like steel.


Oil and grease can’t penetrate FRP from National Grating.


What makes steel rust? Water! Not a problem with FRP.


Our FRP grating holds up to UV exposure for year after year.


FRP Grating can take tremendous loads. Check our FRP load-bearing tables.


Our FRP grating stands up to brutally cold temperatures.


FRP in non-metallic and does NOT conduct electricity!


FRP Grating resists stains and cleans easily. Your facility will always look clean!


Lightweight and Easy to Handle

FRP Grating from National Grating weighs a fraction of steel grating for equal performance. It is much easier to transport, fabricate, handle, install and maintain. And it will not degrade and deform like rusty, corroded steel parts inevitably do in real-world conditions.


Non-slip gritted surfaces prevent slips and falls. Lightweight FRP makes handling, installation, removal and maintenance much easier. FRP  reduces the risk of back and muscle strain so common when working with heavy steel grating.

FRP's performance in harsh chemicals makes it the worthy non-corroding alternative to steel gratingStands Up to Harsh Conditions

FRP performs for years in the harshest of conditions, including extreme chemical environments. Properly installed, FRP is safe for agricultural and food processing environments, too.

Never Paint

Our FRP comes in several colors and will never need to be painted. Stripping and repainting of steel is a costly and messy job. Integrated color is another reason why FRP grating is the best alternative to steel grating.

Superior Appearance

FRP lasts and lasts! Fiberglass reinforced grating, panels and trench drains will not degrade and deform like rusty, corroded steel parts in real-world conditions.

FRP Grating is THE alternative to steel grating.

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 fiberglass trench alternative to steel grating drains and gridsFast Delivery of Fiberglass Grating for Drain and Trench Covers via our Superior Logistics Network

National Grating provides  Fiberglass Grating for industrial, food processing and public works to all major cities.

FRP grating - your best choice as an alternative to steel grating

We understand the needs of building contractors and facility owners – we have a long history of supplying fiberglass reinforced drain grates for industrial and public projects like yours. Whether your operation is agricultural, public space, WWTP, chemical processing or any other location where an alternative to steel grating is required, we have the drain and trench grate options for safe operations. Our pricing and service experts are standing by with fiberglass grating in stock and expedited shipping. We commit to supply your project with molded or pultruded Fiberglass Grating at the best possible price with the lowest freight charges.


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