Phenolic FRP Grating

Phenolic Fiberglass Grating

Phenolic FRP Grating for Marine & Offshore Applications

Phenolic Grating

Phenolic FRP Grating

Phenolic Resin FRP Grating is ideal for applications requiring special Fire Integrity properties as per the ASTM F3059 Matrix Guide for L2.

The inclusion of phenolic in the resin provides the grating with exceptional fire resistance, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and direct flame while maintaining its structural integrity. 

This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including offshore platforms, marine vessels, mining, aircraft, and industrial plants. 

The phenolic resin also offers extreme fire resistance, low flame spread, and a low smoke index rating, meeting the stringent requirements for fire integrity.

The durability of the grating system offsets the added cost of phenolic, providing years of reliable surface and wear resistance with minimal maintenance.

Phenolic Resin FRP Grating retains all the advantages of standard FRP Grating, such as weight savings, improved safety, and electrical non-conductivity.

In addition to its superior Fire Integrity properties, Phenolic Grating retains all other advantages/benefits characteristic of our standard FRP Grating such as Durability, Weight Savings, Improved Safety, and Electrical Non-Conductivity.

Typical Applications include: Offshore platforms, Marine vessels / Shipboard applications, Mining, Aircraft, Arctic/Remote areas, Docks/Jetties/Load-Out areas, Refineries, Tunnels/Transit, and Industrial plants !

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