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FRP Grating Applications and Markets

FRP Grating Applications and Markets Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating has gained significant popularity in wide variety of industries due to its exceptional properties and versatility. FRP grating is a strong, lightweight, and durable product with excellent corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and low maintenance requirements making it an ideal choice for hundreds of different […]

Fiberglass Grating Dominican Republic

En español FRP Dominican Republic National Grating has been supplying FRP for over 20 years. We offer a huge selection of FRP Grating and structural Shapes at the best possible price to contractors and directly to your business anywhere in the Dominican Republic. Molded and Pultruded Fiberglass Grating We ship our FRP grating and structural […]

Phenolic Fiberglass Grating

Phenolic FRP Grating for Marine & Offshore Applications Phenolic Resin FRP Grating is ideal for applications requiring special Fire Integrity properties as per the ASTM F3059 Matrix Guide for L2. The inclusion of phenolic in the resin provides the grating with exceptional fire resistance, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and direct flame while maintaining […]

FRP Dominican Republic

In English National Grating ha estado suministrando FRP por más de 20 años. Ofrecemos una gran selección de formas estructurales y rejillas de FRP al mejor precio posible a los contratistas y directamente a su negocio en cualquier parte de la República Dominicana. Rejilla de Fibra de Vidrio Moldeada y Pultrusionada Enviamos nuestras formas estructurales […]

Bulk Order Fiberglass Grating!

As a leading supplier of FRP Grating in North America, we offer significant volume discounts on bulk orders. We have a HUGE selection of Fiberglass Grating ready to ship and are constantly increasing our stock levels. We can supply large quantities of Molded FRP Grating in dark gray or yellow right away. Call for availability […]

HLC FRP Grating

Heavy Duty HLC Fiberglass Grating HLC (High Load Capacity) FRP Grating is specifically designed for trenches with heavy vehicle traffic and rolling loads such as forklifts or large trucks. HLC grating is extremely durable and can withstand corrosive environments where steel will rust. Advantages of HLC Grating: High Strength to Weight Ratio Corrosion Resistant Long […]

Fiberglass Grating California

Fiberglass Grating California At National Grating, we provide Fiberglass grating and FRP Flooring throughout northern and southern California including Greater Los Angeles. Our competitive prices and fast delivery have made us the first choice in FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Products) from Redding to San Diego, and San Francisco to Lake Havasu. We specialize is fiberglass bar […]

Fiberglass Dock Grating

Fiberglass Dock Grating You’ve done it. You purchased the house on the lake that you and your wife have been dreaming about for years. The kitchen is brand new and the dinner parties you’ll throw here are going to be EPIC. What is better than an afternoon in front of the barbeque with your closest […]

Fiberglass Mini-Mesh Grating

Fiberglass Mini-Mesh Dock Grating FRP grating (Fiberglass Reinforced Product) is fast becoming the preferred material choice for marine piers, docks and ramps. Fiberglass Mini-Mesh grating provides a strong, waterproof decking surface that will last for years and years. Strong Long-lasting Lightweight Easy to Install Easy to Maintain Call 1.844.599.0260 for a quote on Mini-Mesh Grating Extremely […]

Fiberglass Grating Plays Role on Pirate Ship

FRP Grating Plays Role in Pirate Ship Theater Production Molded Fiberglass Grating has been used in some unique places, but this is our first application on a pirate ship! The Caravan Stage Company recently used National Grating’s green molded grating to create the upper performance platforms on its floating stage. ABOUT THE SHOW After eight […]