Gray HLC Grating

HLC FRP Grating

Heavy Duty HLC Fiberglass Grating

HLC (High Load Capacity) FRP Grating is specifically designed for trenches with heavy vehicle traffic and rolling loads such as forklifts or large trucks. HLC grating is extremely durable and can withstand corrosive environments where steel will rust.

Yellow HLC Grating

Heavy Duty Yellow HLC Fiberglass Grating

Advantages of HLC Grating:

    • High Strength to Weight Ratio
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Long Lasting
    • Low Maintenance
    • Fire Retardant
    • Non-conductive
  • Easy to install

HLC Grating 1.5” or 2” Deep

1.5” deep HLC grating can withstand 5,000-pound concentrated loads with very little deflection. 2” deep HLC grating is even stronger and can span wider trenches. It has a 1” by 2” mesh pattern with 48% open area.

FRP Versus Steel

With the growing popularity of Fiberglass grating, our customers are discovering more and more applications for FRP Grating where they have previously used steel.

Steel is flexible under heavy pressure; It doesn’t like to bend back to its original shape once it has been transformed. FRP is highly elastic but engineered in such a way to where it doesn’t permanently deform. FRP grating creates less vibration than steel, so it doesn’t emit an annoying clatter when driven over.

Gray HLC Grating

Heavy Duty Gray HLC Fiberglass Grating

HLC Grating Availability

We stock our HLC Grating in 4’ x 6’ panels. We can either cut the grating to size to fit your trench or you can cut the grating yourself with a skill saw or table saw using a diamond tip blade.

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